Android Virtual Device

On our previous article Android SDK installation, we have discuss on how to install Andorid SDK. And in this article we will continue to configure Android System to emulate an Android powered device.

Open Android SDK and AVD Manager via command-line or open Eclipse IDE,

$ android

Eclipse->Window->Android SDK and AVD Manager, and click on Available packages
Select Android Repository packages, click Install Selected.

You may also install other third part Add-ons.

Choose Packages to Install dialog pop-up.
Accpect Package Description & License, click Install

Configure the ADT plugin for Eclipse,
Eclipse->Preferences->Android, click Browse… for SDK Location.

Create a Virtual device, and then click New…

Name: myAVD
Target: Android 2.2 – API Level 8
SD Card: Size: 2048 mb
Skin: Built-in: Default (HVGA)
Hardware: as is
Click Create AVD

On Virtual devices section of Android SDK and AVD Manager, select the newly created myAVD and click Start…
The virtual device window will show up.

Now we are done setting up our development system to develop an Android Application. I hope you find it useful and able to provide information you’re looking for.